How much of Tax refund in Swiss & Germany

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  1. Hi!!! :heart:

    Please help me. I live in Asia...The Land of Smiles (Guess where?:yahoo:). I will go to Germany in Feb and Swiss in March. I would like to ask How much of Tax refund do I get in those countries?

    I want to check the LV net price after get tax refund.

    I want to know Which place is cheaper???

    If LV price in Germany is cheaper than in Swiss, I wil buy all of them in Germany otherwise I will wait until I go to Swiss if that LV is cheaper than in Germany.

    And Do you think is it possible for me to catch up NF Rose and Graffiti.....I need both of them so much.....I hope I can get Both of them.....:okay:

    Thanks in advance.

  2. VAT in Switzerland is 7.6 percent, in Germany 19 percent I think. Roses is almost sold out in Switzerland... Have fun here!
  3. (Khunying maa jark muang Thai ru krub? Krung Thep ruuu?)
    You are from Thailand then, Bangkok no doubt.

    As the other poster wrote, Swiss sales tax is lower than German. You can get some idea about local pricing with tax subtracted already and you can also monitor currency exchange rates against the THB ---Germany is on the Euro but Switzerland still maintains their own currency...

    My last piece of advice is to bring your passport when shopping so that the SA's can fill the forms for you. Then what I do is that I mail back my receipts and only bring the product and dust bag (toss the box and shopping bag) as not to give local customs too much of an incentative to tax me on my return.
  4. Thanks a lot...:yahoo:

    Yeah....I live in Thailand....Land os Smiles.....:yes:
  5. LOL, I would have figured that out anyway, even without you writing "the land of smiles". I think the excessive use of smileys in your post gives you away as a Thai person! Good luck with the shopping now na, and make sure to post us some pictures later.