How much of a miracle can Chanel perform when cleaning a bag?

  1. I'm considering purchasing a Chanel light coloured bag from eBay, but it's in a bit of a state...there are grubby marks and a few minor scuffs. But, if I purchased it at its current price and sent it off to Chanel for a refurb I'm wondering if it might come back looking like new, thus saving me a load of mulah! It's a bag I've been lusting over for ages, but haven't been able to justify pushing it up my "must have" list because it's just not terribly practical...

    So, I was hoping you might be able to tell me how great Chanel are at performing miracles? And how much does it usually cost for cleaning? Is it too low to budget £50 or thereabouts do you think?

    TIA! :tup:
  2. I am interested to hear what people think on this one too.
  3. I'm not sure since I've never taken a Chanel bag back to the boutique to get it serviced. I've heard that some places will do the repairs/whatever in store, while I've also heard that sometimes they ship it to France to get the bag fixed up.

    I know there are also places that service bags and bring them back to like-new condition.

    ^No, I don't work for them, but I found out about them from a fellow TPFer who made a thread. The work they did on her Chanel was amazing. It was in really bad condition from the previous owner, and they re-colored it and made it look REALLY GOOD.
  4. i dont know how much it costs at chanel. and i also dont know their policies, but i know louis vuitton will not service your bag if another place, not being louis vuitton, has worked on your bag. so that might be something to figure out before you go somewhere else.
  5. Black bags return looking brand new.
    I am awaiting the return (from Chanel) of a pink heart chain bag that I bought off eBay. I knew from the pics the bag needed serious help as the leather was splotchy and dirty. I sent it to Artbag in NY and it was still way off the mark, so much so I wouldn't recommend them. I took it to Chanel (July 21) and I'm waiting for the call that it's back. The jury is out. I figured I would post pics once the bag is back.
  6. All really interesting feedback, thanks everyone.

    Missisa07, thanks for the tip on luvmybags. I'm going to investigate this for a Miu Miu bag that's looking grey instead of white after too much use!

    Hbp2c, I know it shouldn't be funny, but the whole getting it cleaned elsewhere voiding your "warranty" makes me laugh. Bag purchasing is serious's like buying a car ha ha

    Jmen, I'll be really interested to see how your pink bag looks when it comes back. Great to hear the results on the black bag!
  7. I thought a 'spa treatment' was around US$300? I'm waiting the return of a vintage bag I sent to Chanel repair in NY to have the inner pockets reglued/relined. I'll let everyone know the final outcome
  8. In an LV forum post, someone was using a wet Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the vachetta leather and the results were pretty astounding. Worth a look if you want to clean that kind of leather but too harsh, I would think, on a lot of skins.
  9. I sent a light beige lambskin bag to Chanel that had dark dirt smudges on it. They re-dyed it and it looked brand new. I don't know how much it would have been as I had the receipt and it was less then a year old, so they didn't charge me. The lamb came back feeling scratchy though - but scratchy is better then dirty I figured.
  10. I haven't had the need yet for any cleaning but this is all good information to know....