how much of a difference will spf make in the future 4 wrinkles

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  1. ???
  2. A huge difference! 90% of the damages done to your skin is by the sun. Sunscreen is the most important part of your skincare regimen because no matter how good your products are, without sunscreen its like almost using nothing.
  3. I firmly believe in the power of sunscreen, i have seen young people who don't use anything and already are showing signs of aging, genetics and diet are important as well, but i also believe that sun exposure without protection is responsible for majority of damage done to your skin, so slather on that SPF !
  4. Totally agree with others. I think as time goes on we will see a big difference in the new generations skin. They were brought up to wear sunscreen.
  5. Most important thing definitely.
  6. I agree that it's very important. I have a friend who's exactly the same age as me (mid-20s) and she grew up tanning and being outdoors all the time, usually without sunscreen, and she has wrinkles on her forehead. I spent way less time in the sun and always wore sunscreen, and no wrinkles so far!
  7. Depending on your skin type, and how much time you spend under the sun. Sunscreens are effective only when you keep re-applying them every 2-3 hrs or so, not everybody is aware of this. I know of a lady who tans and doesn't burn, she hardly ever wears sunscreen unless going for a swim, is 35 but has a youthful complexion, no wrinkles at all.

    I think wrinkles are bound to happen as a result of aging (lack of collagen) among other induced lifestyle factors like smoking, stress, etc. The age wrinkles start to appear varies for everyone. For my grandmother, it was around 50. For me, 33. She loves the sun, never bothered about sunscreen and now in her 90s she gets mistaken for a 65yo. :tup:
  8. I also agree with the above post.....not everyone that is exposed to the sun gets alot more wrinkles than those that lather up on spf....

    I have a friend that was a total outdoor girl with no sunscreen when young and she still looks great.....although I see a bit more spots on her face, she looks great for her age....

    I really think that it depends on alot of variables and not just the sun....
  9. Yup, this is one product I will never go without. It makes a world of difference as you age.
  10. HUGE difference. I had a few bad burns as a young teen (early 1980s...right about the time the SPF system started coming out and people were starting to frown on just pure tanning oil with no spf, at least with folks I knew).

    I use products with spf...moisturizer, foundation, hand lotion (don't forget the backs of your hands too!) and of course sunscreen when I travel (I live in the Seattle area but can still burn on cloudy days, no joke)...I am obsessed with the caribbean and literally have to bathe in spf45 lotion before I go out in the sun, LOL!

    I look far younger than my nearly 41 years and my dermatologist also confirmed I have far less sun damage than many my age. SOOO...a huge shout out to sunscreen!!
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]
  12. ^^ wow thats incredible!! Thanks for posting those pics.
    I wish Twin A wasnt wearing makeup though but her skin looks great!
  13. I think it makes a big difference. I grew up a block from the beach and spent a lot of time in the sun, but I always wore sunscreen. I barely have any wrinkles and people usually think I am 6-7 years younger than I really am.
  14. HUGE where it everyday some people may be able to resist the damage from the sun but if your not one of them and you wont know till your much older apply as much as you can where hats and sunscreen win you can trust me you don't want the skin that comes over exposure to the sun. it even has different feel to it.
  15. I think it makes a difference in protecting the overall health of your skin. Sunscreen can keep the sun spots and brown discolorations from forming and help with cancer protection. It also can help in preventing some wrinkles.

    But it can't help with wrinkles caused by sagging muscles or the wrinkles you get due to genetics.

    I have muscle induced wrinkles that run horizontally along my forehead and Botox takes care of those. But I also have wrinkles on my earlobes and the cheek area where my face meets my ears. The dermatologist told me that was purely inherited. It's true. My dad has the same situation. I get Restylane for those creases.