How much money have you spent on Louis Vuitton items?

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  1. Out of all the Louis Vuitton Items that you have purchased, what is the total amount of money have you spent on Louis Vuitton?

    I was going through my LV receipts (I was bored) and I calculated that from 2009-2010, I've at the very least spent about 10,000 USD on Louis Vuitton accessories, clothes, bags, shoes, belts, etc.

    And I've lost some receipts and I've got some items in different places, so those aren't counted. So that could be more than 10 gs.

    So How much money have you spent on LV?

    I wonder how much do I have to spend to get on the LV VIP list.
  2. i started in 2008-2010 about something 2785 euro's :sweatdrop:
  3. Oh, I won't want to think about it...enough to buy a car perhaps, LOL! :P
  4. Since jan 23rd 2010 til date £5,645
  5. Since jan 23rd 2010 til date £5,645, 5 bags...1 wallet and 1 bag charm
  6. This is something I am not even going to consider :whistle: LOL
  7. I failed maths so I can't add up numbers lol :lol:
  8. im a LV newbie so I have spent $779 usd so far for 1 speedy 35 azur (tax included)
  9. Too much in less than one year...:P
  10. From April 2009 till now: 3500....but i'm just starting :smile:
  11. Sorry dont know, dont want to know-----some it up TOO MUCH

    Ignorance is bliss
  12. I'd say probably about $5,000 total on LV items.
  13. So far about $3,500USD (I bought a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 and Mahina Li in Noir this past july in france, and a LE mini pochette in September.)
  14. i just got first LV bag last saturday.. so i spend $1808 including tax so far
  15. ive spent $3200 + on a bag a very nice bag:graucho:....not bad..