How much mental energy do you put into coach

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  1. I have seen some posts lately relating to the amount of money spent on coach. I am not concerned about the monetary aspect of my coach purchases, but I am getting concerned about the mental energy I am putting into coach. My purchases are not big by some standards. But the amount of time and energy spent checking out whats at the outlets, checking TPF, plotting the next purchase is starting to add up. I feel that the space taken up by coach knowledge in my brain right now could be used for something better. I want to be able to view a purse as something to carry stuff and release all this mental energy for something more worthwhile and rewarding in the long run. Does anyone feel this way? What are your thoughts?
  2. Since I am limited to only one store here, I spend alot of time looking at, and now even bonz. Honestly since the "coach debt post" it made me re-think spending so much money. We are no where near broke from my purchases, but it made me re-think if i "need" so many bags. So I guess now I have been putting more energy into window shopping lol
  3. HI,
    I totally know what you mean!!!! Right now I am unemployed and looking! I hate to admit this but I spend more time on TPF looking at the Coach subforum and going to my outlet as well as Nordstrom!!! I should be putting more effort into the job hunting!!!! LOL
    (I am also hoping to win the lottery!!!) I am totally Addicted to Coach!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. Hah. I'm literally snowed in at the moment. I've finished all my homework a long time ago and now I have nothing to do! I love looking at forums and pictures. I guess...Coach is more of a stress relieving thing rather than an obsession for me.

    BUT... I did bid on a couple of Coach wallets on Ebay! Ahh I'm so excited.
  5. Excellent post, OP.
    I'm right there with ya!
  6. I understand what you mean. I think my mental energy to Coach has peaked & waned. I've burned out a bit. I don't see myself buying as much in the future.
  7. TPF and Coach are my little personal reward that I get to indulge in when I'm not busy with work, or graduate school, or stuff at home. I like that I can take 10 minutes for myself, even if it is just checking stuff out on my phone while I'm on the train. I rarely get time to shop in the boutiques or outlets, so most of the time/energy I spend on Coach is online.
  8. Too much!! I also have been reevaluating after some of the recent posts. I made some major returns and it felt great. So good that I am doing another round tomorrow and getting rid of anything with tags that I do not love enough to rip the tags off of right now. If I bought it just because it was a great deal, or a sought after bag, back it goes. I am hoping that by purging myself of the bags I am still on the fence about, I will be able to free up some of that mental energy. As long as they sit here with the tags on, I am still thinking about whether to keep or not. I need to just take them back and move on. I like the idea of giving it all up for Lent. The amount of time spent thinking about handbags had made me feel a little "shallow" here lately - there are better things I could do with this time.
  9. Well I'm new to the Coach addiction, lol, but recently I've been putting more time into Coach than I should. I too am currently unemployed and I'll admit I could spend less time thinking about spending extra money on Coach. The time I spend "looking" is primarily here on TPF and other websites. My husband takes me gently by the elbow and pulls me along when we walk by our FP store at the MOA. lol I just can't help it though! Learning more about Coach and hearing about everyone's beautiful finds just makes me all the more interested! This place brings a smile to my face during an otherwise bleak time in my life! :smile:
  10. I agree with my Coach and TPF being a Treat for me so to speak...I do not put too much thought into Coach to begin with..Unless of course I'm shopping...That is the only time my Brain is in over drive..I think and ponder about my choices..An example( Is this a bag I will use for along time?) I know that I don't have the $ to run out and just buy a Coach bag to match a certain outfit...So as I was shopping @ the Outlet last weekend..I seen a bag that I just could Not get out of my mind....So I went back and got it..It was a great choice because it fit the bill...Size, color, price, and it is a bag that I will still have years down the road...:smile:
  11. Before tPF I used to put almost no thought into my purchases...I'd budget and go buy at the FP store. No big deal. Never hunted eBay, never heard of Bonanzle.

    Now, since finding the forum, and especially since I started keeping track, I've put A LOT of thought into my things and what I buy versus what I don't.

    I mean, $500 is fine...but enough $500 purchases and that becomes $5,000 real fast. And $5k is almost a used car. That's some serious bank on handbags. Sometimes it's just plain start to stop and think, and once you stop to think, that becomes a habit.

    A smart shopper, especially someone who is making up for lost time and buying older products or things they missed the first time around, you hunt for the best weigh it put in the leg work get the best price possible, because as any Coach fanatic knows, money saved here can be money spent elsewhere. And the thing is, you can only spend it better do it right and make it go far.

    So, basically, I spend a TON of time hunting. I stalk, I watch, I debate, I waffle, I weigh it out...maybe I even start a thread about it. I try to be as educated and as thoughtful as possible.
  12. Little to none. I see a bag - I like it - I get it. And that doesn't happen too often (which is probably why I only have 3 bags hehe). I do like watching all the pretty reveals though :biggrin:
  13. I like to spend time on tPF but don't really go into stores. The closest boutique is nearly two hours away but I do have a couple department stores that sell Coach.

    Like others I prefer to flip through ebay and bonanzle for the bags I really want. I'm all about getting a good bargain!
  14. I admit, I spend more than my fair share on bags and such... but it's a hobby, and my BH has his own... so as long as it doesn't endanger our lives, or our ability to live, and we still have money aside for future things, then we continue to operate as we are now.

    I'm very fortunate, I work hard, and I get to have nice things. Not everyone has that opportunity, and I recognize it.
  15. It comes and goes in waves. Lately I haven't been obsessing over Coach like I used to. Spending less time on tPF helps.