How Much Mark Up On Diamonds?

  1. Does anyone know what's the average mark up on diamonds?? 100% 200%
    ex. If a ring is retail $5000, is it really work $2500???
  2. Try 500%! Sad but true....
  3. maybe it also depends on who you buy from?

    We cut out the 'Middle Man', we buy from the guy that sells to retail stores.
  4. Absolutely 500%. My husband's friend is a jeweler and his markup around here in our little neck of the woods is 200%, but at most of your major cities and big name jewelers it's 500% or more :wtf: .
  5. Ideally, they should be paying less than Rapaport Report prices for loose stones.
  6. What every the customer is willing to pay. The cost of th retailstore rental space and eveything is included in the markeup price.
  7. my bestfriend's family works in the diamond busiess in thailand, she says stores like Tiffany overcharges over 400%.
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