How much Lubriderm do I use?

  1. Hello all!
    I just bought my first bbag!
    My bag is made of goat skin and is very distressed. I love the distressed look it gives my black bag with GGH a whole new dimension!
    My concern is (after reading some posts here) that the leather may be a bit dry and greyish??
    I applied a little Lubriderm to moisten the bag a bit. Just wondering how much should I use!
    Should I be concerned because I bought a 2007 black chevre bag?:confused1:
  2. ^^ i wouldn't recommend using lubriderm, because i think it contains mineral oil (which is good for your skin but not for your bags)...i'm sure a little bit won't hurt & it can be used to dab on minor scratches to help smooth them out...but for all-over moisturizing you should use "apple conditioner" instead :tup:
  3. ^^Agreed. Use Apple Conditioner.
  4. isn't petrolatum harmful to the human skin? :confused1:there's the usual 2 differing schools of thought on this, as far as skincare goes. gosh, i no longer know what to believe :shrugs::rolleyes: