How much longer do you think metallics will be popular?

  1. I haven't really jumped on the metallics bandwagon because I tend to buy a few, more expensive things and I didn't want to invest in anything that was going to be around for only a year or two but I found a really gorgeous sweater and it has a metallic (almost like handpainted) finish for lack of a better word.

    It is by one of my favorite designers and one that I would rarely venture into buying because most of it is too dressy for my lifestyle and I can't justify buying it. Also, I have a weird body and lots of things don't fit me right. When I ordered it, I figured it wouldn't fit me right and I would take it back. But it fits. And it is beautiful. But I worry that in two years, metallics will be passe and I will be stuck with it.
    Do you think metallics will still be stylish in a few years?
  2. I feel like the subtle metallics stay, but these big jeweled necklines or full over gunmetal is ready to die. Metallics in clothes when too much can highlight bad body flaws. I tried on a dress today in grey with metallic sheen and it felt like I had gained another person :yucky:

    The subtle finish does sound pretty on your sweater tho :biggrin:
  3. Here is the sweater:
  4. I dunno, it's a very classic shape... I don't know how trendy that will be for everyday, but IMO that would make a very classic sweater for winter holiday seasons to come. I hope that makes sense...
  5. i agree.. it's a classic piece for the holidays.. think xmas parties plus ringing in the new year.

    since the seasons are changing they won't be in much longer imo. i work in retail and our fall/winter collection was dominated by metallics. the spring season is all about bright and soft colours. i just don't think metallics and the sun won't mix well. :supacool:
  6. i think if you can wear it for a good two years here & there you may have already gotten your money's worth.

    with that said, in looking at the photo, it looks like a classic shape. I can see it being worn for a long time to come as long as it's paired with the right bottom.

    i love it, btw!
  7. Metallics will be in for spring, but it muted tones. More gold than silver this time
  8. How long?

    Not very long, IMO. That's why I didn't invest in metallics except for a silver party dress for the holidays and a pair of gold Tory Burch ballet flats.
  9. Well, I probably won't wear it for the holidays. It was a piece from the resort line so it is was meant for warmer weather. It has those tiny holes all over it and I live in Chicago. Tiny holes+Chicago = freezing.
    I don't know. Maybe I will return it.
  10. I love metallics. I think as long as it is not Lame, it will be fine. It is a very cute top. I spent some big money on J Choo metallic bags this year, so I will be carrying them no matter what!!! Like I said, everything else including jewelry needs to be very simple.
  11. Metallics will still be in this Spring/summer, not sure about fall/winter but metallics are always in during the christmas/new year period, so its worth spending $$ on it. I looove metallics and wear em whether or not they are in or out
  12. I think all muted/understated metallics are classic.
    I think in your face, mirror finish, blingy metallics are dates already.
  13. Yeah, metallics will always be in. The stores may not always carry the items but that's just because they've moved on to the next hot color. But as long as it's not garish, you should be fine and metallic accessories are always hot too.
  14. Yeap, I agree!
  15. Well, if I keep it, I have to find a nice shoe to go with it. :smile: I love these but they look like feet killers. I am not into pain. (At least not in shoes).