How much longer before SPY dies???

  1. I purchased a dark brown Fendi Spy last fall. Call me crazy... but I haven't brought it out yet more than a handful of times. :sad2: The rainy weather here and the questionable people on the subway always scare me. SO I've reasoned that since it was meant to be a graduation bag, I'll start carrying it out more after this week (my last exam).

    My question is this... how much longer do you think the Spy bag craze will last? Will you continue carrying yours no matter what the magazines say (if they denounce it as dead and no longer an "it" bag??). Right now, I THINK that I will carry it forever, it seems a classic enough shape.... but what's the reality?

    Also asking, 'cuz I'm considering blowing 2K for greendrv's petrol spy :love:
  2. I don't believe in "IT BAGS" I wear and carry whatever I want, when I want,and no magazine or wannabe fashion critic is gonna be the determining factor of that decision. It is mine too make alone.
  3. I think the spy will last forever and ever...
  4. Forever!
  5. It will never die...especially after I bought it...too much money to waste!! LOL!
  6. hehehe, I love your comment! It's what I keep trying to tell myself.... die?! Oh no you don't! Not after how much I've spent! :biggrin:
  7. i personally think it will be the same with all the other 'it-bags'. some day they will be 'out' and people won't use them anymore but if YOU love it, i wouldn't care...
  8. i don't consider the spy an "it" bag. it is classic to me-i love the petrol color and the roominess of the size and versatility in style (dressed up or dressed down). i don't regret buying the petrol spy at all.
  9. ^ hmmmm... i don't know, i also love that bag but bags like the fendi baguettes or so are more 'classic' to me...
  10. I don't think the spy is "out". I've been reading all the celeb mags I get and I've seen it all over the place RECENT pics. I love mine and it will always be a favorite for me......whether it's "in" or "out".
  11. I don't think it will ever really be out. I bought the vanity last year (my avatar) and i wear it at least a few times a month and Its gets so much attention. Even the baguettes still look superfantastic.
  12. bags don't become 'out' bags once theyre not popular...they become 'vintage' which is WAY better...thats the way I look at it.
  13. As long as people love it and continue to buy it, it will always be in!
  14. I hope it never dies. I am trying hard to get a hologram Spy. There is one on Ebay, but it is damaged. I called Saks to see if they will try to order one.
  15. Let's face it .... all "it" bags are going to be considered out of style in the not so distant future. They have to make way for new "it" bags and more bag sales. I say don't worry so much about if a bag is in style or not. Buy what you like and carry it as long as you like.