How Much "junk" Do You Keep!?


How much "junk" do you keep/save in your house???

  1. None! My house is clean as a whistle, not a smitch of junk anywhere

  2. Some: I have closet dedicated to stuff I am not using

  3. Lots: I have a SpareOoom with tons of junk

  4. It's Alive!! and taking over the entire house!!!

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  1. Ok, so I am in a cleaning frenzy now :wlae:

    And then I ran into SpareOoom.

    I have boxes of boxes of boxes (it's like one of those little russia doll thingamabobs!!) and bags of bags plus blags of bubble wrap and tissue paper.

    I have storage tubs full of stuff I *might* use in the future (ie old laptops, old clothing, binders and clipboards. I am pretty organized, I just wonder if I should cut loose like most of this "junk".

    How much junk do you keep around????
  2. No junk.. just LOTS of dust!!
  3. Ok Christine! What's your secret?!?! :shrugs:

    I need some tips for paring down the clutter in my life/house :yes:

  4. Ok Christine! What's your secret?!?! :shrugs:

    I need some tips for paring down the clutter in my life/house :yes:

  5. i have lots and lots of junk

    because i'm a shopaholic

    and i have papers i keep. especially english and chemistry ones. but i eventually threw it out because i have no room.

    i'm also an avid reader so i'm looking to downsize my collection and sell them soon. or give it away. depending on value.

    i also collect hello kitty stuff, thank goodness most of the dolls are small and easy to store.

    i also collect some japanese toys.

    and magazines. i have tons of them. i used a lot for my fashion class and totally cut those up, so those ended up in recycle but i still have a lot.

    i guess i'm a junk collector :shrugs:
  6. The best way to get rid of unwanted belongings is to move:smile:
    I have gotten rid of about two full rooms of stuff in anticipation of our move to SF.
    Sorry I can't help with less drastic measures as clearly they didn't work for me!:shrugs:

  7. I just hate clutter so I ditch whatever I am not using. Throw it away and don't look back. If it hasn't been used in 6 months and is not a seasonal thing (or sentimental) well buh bye!! :yes:

    But to be honest- you should see my cube at work though... It's a mess.. lol

    Now if I could just get rid of that dust...
  8. Amen! I got rid of a bunch of junk that way!
  9. I hate clutter too and this is why my room is very very neat, the rest of the house since we moved and bought new things is also very neat (thank God!).
    I have a personal rule of thumb that: everything I own including clothes, makeup, personal items, shoes, and even some books must fit into my two suitcases, this prevents me from buying extra "junk" and if I ever need to pack up and travel again then it wouldn't be too difficult.
  10. My husband and I have moved 4 times in the past 12 years. It is such a pain to move, and each time we do we seem to get rid of more stuff. We've done really well in this house not keeping things we don't use. My mom lives by the motto "if you haven't used it in the last 6 months, get rid of it." That rule applied to everything, including shoes, clothes and purses. She also doesn't believe in "sit around" things, like nick nacks. Her motto there was "if you can't eat it or can't wear it, don't buy it." I keep those two rules in my head and it does help simplify and elimiate junk.
  11. I have a closet for junk.
  12. No junk here! I love to organize! This summer I tackled the garage and either threw away stuff or donated it to the goodwill. I filled my SUV full about 3 times! I am so loving not having stuff around "just in case". I also go through all my clothes, toiletries, makeup etc. about every 3 months and give it to my little sister. She can either keep it or whatever.
    I only keep my expensive, quality items.
    Just try it may be surprised what you really don't need (and someone can benefit from your donations).
  14. i hate clutter, but it seems to be a never ending chore to keep things organized and minimize all my "junk"

    this thread is reminding me to clear out some stuff. we have a storage room at my parents' house for all our childhood belongings. i have some of the most useless items there that i can't seem to donate or throw out just yet. i am determined to tackle that room this spring and clear some stuff out, though.
  15. OMG, I just remembered we also rent a storage room!!!

    I am in dire need of some organizational assistance!! :wtf: