How much is...

  1. what is a good price for a good condition used cherry blossom cream/red papillon :angel:
  2.'s so pretty but im sure i'll dirty it... sigh
  3. I totally want one, but I dont think I will get much use out of it. I hope you find one!!
  4. I paid $900 for mine, which was a great deal. It will probably be hard to find one that cheap in good condition.
  5. I've been looking and it seems this color combo is harder to find than the others and thus a little more expensive than the brown/pink and pink/pink.
    So it'll be sure to increase in value as time goes on!
  6. That's right, I don't think as many red/cream ones were produced. The red/cream color combo wasn't even available in Canada, just the brown/pink and pink/pink.