How much is your handbag collection worth?

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  1. This doesn't count the ones you've sold or given away, etc. Only applies to the ones you still have in your possession. Give us a Ball park number and also include how many bags you have! Hope this wasn't a thread in the past, and if you don't want to share because it's insane, that's ok, but i'm sure i'm not the only one that's curious!

    btw, i keep a tally, and i will post mine when i get home... promise.
  2. Um, I'm too afraid to actually tally. :shame:
  3. I'll have to take a calculator with me to the closet -- no telling my husband the answer!
  4. Fayden,
    This is a hard question! It's hard because I do not remember how many designer bags I owe and don't have a calculator nearby. However, I do think my bag collection is worth somewhere between $6,000-8,000 (U.S). I take good care of my bags, even the ugly ones.

    You kind of got me thinking about what is the most expensive bag in my collection. Perhaps, I may do a post on that topic.
  5. I feel the same way Suli. If I total I may go into shock and not buy another for a few months and I don't want to ruin the economy.:amuse:
  6. Couldn't possibly remember, I have 5 closets in the house!.... Alot of tiny bags though. I am petit.
  7. I don't actually know.. cause half of my bag is bought by my parents.. and my bag collection is very fluid since I trade bags with my mom.. I love her stuff so much. I really want to "GET", not trade, one of her Hermes, since I don't think I can trade with anything that I have now hahaha...
  8. Well, I'm a bag collecting amature, so I'd say under 2000$ CAD (phew!)

    Hopefully number will soon grow though ! :lol:
  9. ok my turn. finally home. 8 bags in my collection, worth 7500.
  10. I have no idea where to start the tally :lol: Just the ones in my room have a total purchase price of over $20,000 (USD) though. Probably around 15 bags in here. I have a bunch in storage, I don't even want to know what it would all add up to :lol:
  11. How do you tally the number...based on what you paid or the current resale value?
  12. that's a good questions esiders. i just tally on what i paid for it. so it could be actually worth more but since they are used, i would think the value goes down, unless it is vintage. none of my bags are vintage, i think it needs to be ten years old to quality as vintage right? so i just go with what i paid for... =)
  13. Interesting, but not surprising, that most of us (me included!) did not actually answer the question....
  14. ^^^its a tough question, and too much work to actually give a full answer :lol:

    I did the tally of my partial based on what I paid for it. I have no idea what the exact resale value is for any of my bags.
  15. For me its more a question of...."Do I really want to know the answer myself? How am I going to feel about that number? Lord knows its higher than I likely ever expected."