How Much is Too Much???

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  1. With the help of a wonderful tpf-er, I was able to track down a delete that I have been coveting. That being said, I m anxious about purchasing it because I have purchased five bags in the past 2weeks (2 deletes from my outlet and, two online, and one at fp store) as well as 2 jackets (one was returned due to sizing issues).

    I am somewhat of a cluster shopper since my husband is freelance and makes much more in some months than others, making our income sporadic. I have been reading through the ban threads and I can't figure out how much is too much. I certainly don't want to purchase this delete if it is going to red the proverbial red flag, especially since it is a small Sadie and I got one last week.

    I cannot even believe I am typing this and worried about buying too much. Do you think it is wise for me not to buy anything for a couple of weeks and let this delete go?
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    Why worry about it?
    If you want it, buy it.

    Opps, I guess I misread your question.
    I say don't worry about it. Coach won't tell us how much is "too much". There are plenty of other designer bags out there and even other ways to buy Coach via department stores.
  3. I would only let it go if the decision is not good for you or your budget. I am like you...I will buy buy buy and then go 2 months without purchasing anything. I never worry about what Coach will do. If they feel I've bought too much they can ban least in the meantime I've collected some great bags. I buy and return what I want, when I want. In the words of a famous tpf'er, "it's YOUR money!" Go get that Sadie if that's what's good for you.
  4. ^What she said! I agree totally..........
  5. Buy it! We can't wait to see the reveal!
  6. Buy it while you can .
  7. Buy it and forget about Coach and their silly policies. How would you feel if you didn't buy it and got banned anyway? Buy it and enjoy!
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    I wouldn't buy it if you're having second thoughts about it. If you're worried about budgeting or feel like you won't use it much because you already have another Sadie, just pass on this one because there will always be another bag.

    If you love this bag and will regret not getting it, I would buy it and not worry about Coach banning you. If you like your other Sadie better, I would just let this one go.

    Edit: This is just from my personal experience. I've purchased too many bags that I ended up regretting because I don't use them enough. :sad: I'll usually buy a bag simply because I like the style and it's on sale, but now I'm trying to look at how much I'll actually use the bag. If there's any other bag in my collection that is similar that I'd rather wear, I would just pass on the new one.
  9. If coach weird policies are the only thing preventing you to buy it, don't worry about them and buy it.

    Even if it is another Sadie, its a different style number, so they can not say they you bought duplicates. Can't wait to see your reveal :graucho:
  10. I think it's difficult to decide what is too much because it's so different for each individual as we have different needs, occasions, professions, etc. I bought a whole bunch of handbags within just a few months, but I really thought it out and did my research. I made sure that each bag was different from the others, yet suitable to my lifestyle. I am happy with my choices, only regret 1 or 2, and haven't bought a handbag in almost a year because I just don't need any right now. ( There are some that I'd like to have, though. )

    You may want to take a moment and ask yourself why you want this Sadie. If you can honestly say that it would be good for your lifestyle, go for it, and then go on a bag ban for awhile. If it's just an impulse purchase, let it go. There will be lots of other gorgeous bags coming in the next few months.

    Are you worried about Coach banning you? Five bags in two weeks does seem like a lot, but if they're all different styles and colors, I don't see why that would look suspicious.

    Good luck with your decision. Hope this helps. :smile:
  11. Thanks ladies. Budget was not an issue with this bag. I was more concerned with Coach policies.

    I have never tracked down a delete and I am fairly thoughtful about all my purchases. It is either something I need (the coat) or something different from anything I have. I love this bag because of the unique tortoise patent and it seems like it would be fairly durable as well. I have seen it a couple of times and just have not been able to get it out of my head.

    That being said, I did buy it. I would have regretted letting it go. I am probably just being paranoid about Coach's policies, but their treatment of customers seems so random at times that it does make me wonder what differentiates a very good customer from one that they perceive to be a problem.

    Thank you for all of your words of wisdom. I am clearly over thinking this one.
  12. I can't imagine you'd get banned for purchasing 5 bags.
  13. Good for you. Your new Sadie sounds lovely. When I read on this forum about people randomly getting banned from Coach, I get a little freaked out. While I understand Coach's concern about resellers, it seems like they are on a witch hunt, and once you're labelled a reseller, there's no contesting it. ( I was always taught that we are innocent until PROVEN guilty.) YET, Coach is forever having PCEs and FOS and wanting us to buy, buy, buy.

    Congratulations on your new bag and wear in good health. If Coach ever does ban you, wear it to court when you sue them. ;)
  14. ^^This exactly. It's like not doing something you enjoy because you're afraid someone might tell you to stop, so you end up not doing the thing you enjoy at all.

    I buy what I want, when I want. I sometimes go through phases where I buy almost nothing at all and then I will go on a buying spree. I have purchased a lot more in the last two weeks than you have and I have not been banned. I have not been invited to the FOS for months, but the SA's at the outlet and the FP stores are more than happy to help me spend my money. :graucho:
  15. I just had a discussion with an SA at my outlet about this very issue. She told me not to worry about it. She says they know the difference between resellers and people who just love Coach. I buy a lot of Coach. I've been worried I'll get the ban letter or get banned from FOS because I know I've bought more than others who have been banned from FOS. I think it is helpful to build a relationship with an SA. The last time I was at the outlet, I asked the SA how she remembered my name and she said because I've made an impression on her as someone who really knows Coach. I'm hoping they have a system that allows them to put a note on my account stating I'm a good customer and not a reseller.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about.