How Much Is Too Much?

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  1. Hi, how much can you spend on LV before you start to feel guilty?
  2. I suppose that would depend on your disposable income. I still feel guilty for buying the "good" ramen sometimes. But if it's not hurting you or those you love, why feel guilty? Men have cars, women can have handbags :P
  3. :urock:

  4. I agree! Except I LOVE cars too! =D Boy am I in trouble lol
  5. :lolots:

    Oh no! I might be catching car fever too - someone in another thread brought up getting a blue nuit Alma to match her car and I started thinking about handbag/auto matches...tPF is going to be the death of me.
  6. too late. I've been feeling guilty for a while now but I can't stop! I try to cut back on other things like clothes and such.
  7. ^^LOL I know what you mean! =]
  8. I never feel guilty. I would if I couldn't afford it however.
  9. I could never spend more on my bags than on the car I drive.

    ....which mean I just need to update my car regularly :P
  10. I feel fine about my purchases as long as I'm not spending beyond my means.
  11. I always feel a bit guilty before buying a bag and I think about the purchase all the time. but when I bought a bag and use it I'm happy and know that it was worth the money!

  12. I love this answer the best as it reflects my thinking as well. Even if I could well afford it, I would still feel guilty because I know I could use the funds on something else for the benefit of the less fortunate. But like Iduna, if I end up using the bag a lot, then I feel really good about it. After all, I work hard and deserve to enjoy my bag-vice every now and then. But how much is too much.....I think deep down we is when we feel uncomfortable and know that we are indulging way too much.
  13. i neever feel guilty, especially now that i will be paying for my bags myself.....saving for my first chanel, or mahina
  14. I feel guilty only when a certain bag ends up not being used at all. Lately, I've been rotating my bags often so I get to use all of them. The ones I don't see myself using anymore, I sell.

  15. DisCo - do you just bite the bullet and list them for sale or do you hum and hah over it? There are about 6 I don't use and some never used...but I still do love them. I keep telling myself I am keeping them for DD but she is only 2.5!