How Much is Too Much??

  1. Ok...I just ordered the Legacy Stripe ponytail scarf, and I'm reasonably certain that I'm going to fall over dead in sheer delight once it's here. But I'm wondering if maybe wearing it AND a Coach bag (especially a signature bag) would be a little much. Maybe it would be ok if the bag was leather and not signature, but I don't know.

    Thoughts? I don't want to look like these people who go around wearing one brand from head to toe!
  2. I think it's okay -- besides when do you put your purse against your head (lol)
    Anyway -- the legacy scarf is kind of subdued -- not so bright so it will probably look very nice
    Oh and you will be so psyched when it arrives.. i LOVE mine.. !
  3. I totally agree with finzup... It is not too much to wear the scarf and a sig bag together. I actually do that and have gotten several compliments on doing so...
  4. I wear my sig bag with my scribbe sig scarf in my hair and everyone compliments how cute it is! And sometimes I carry my sig bag and wear the super-long skinny scarf as a belt-- everyone comments on how cute it is :smile: I think you're fine! Enjoy!!!! I want a legacy scarf so bad!!!!
  5. I wear mine and tie the other on my bag, so far I've only tried it with the khaki/gold Carly. the brown C's on the scarf match well with the C's on the Carly.
    I've gotten a lot of compliments.
  6. i'd def. wear both, regardless, it's not a brand i'd be ashamed to flaunt ;)
  7. I'm wearing mine with my signature bag...that's why I bought it :idea:
  8. Thanks, all! I really wanted to wear it with a khaki signature bag (as soon as I GET a khaki signature bag), but was afraid it would be over the top. You've convinced me!

  9. its more than acceptable to wear them if you had one on your head and one on your bag thats a little much.
  10. I don't think is too much,i think is cute.
  11. I think it's a very cute look.
  12. no i dont think its too much. i would be cute i think maybe just wear some neutral clothes or a colored top and neutral bottoms.
  13. I wore mine out together today :jammin: