How much is too much to pay for a bag?

  1. JudieH's thread about your most expensive bag got me thinking....what's the most you would ever pay for a bag? How much is too much? (Or is there such a thing?)

    Personally, I've never broken the $2000 barrier. Not to say there aren't a ton of gorgeous bags that I'd love to own that exceed that, because there certainly are, but I have yet to find one that I love enough to save up that long for (it would take me a LONG time)!
  2. The most I spent was around $1525....and I wouldn't do it again! (as much as I love that bag)
  3. I've never exceeded $700, though I am considering doing so in the next year. But we have three young children, so college funds, family vacations and extras for the kids definitely are our priority for now. There will be plenty of time for a $2K handbag when the kids are grown!
  4. I can't bring myself to break $2000 either. But I think that is a good thing!! I mostly stay around $1000.
  5. I've never been able to bring myself to spend more than $1000 on a bag, even though I own several bags that retail well over $1000 (I've gotten them secondhand).
  6. I agree with HauteMama. I can't bring myself to break $700.
  7. I've barely made the $500 mark, but I would be willing to spend $2K-9K for a Chanel or an Hermes Kelly. Not anytime soon...but before my life is over and out I plan on purchasing one of each.
  8. personally, I try and buy all of my bags on sale, and so far I have yet to spend more than $500 on a bag. I think if you *REALLY* love something, a limit would be around $2000. I think beyond that is a bit extreme. I just have to think that there are people starving in other countries and can't even afford to eat a meal, and here I am spending so much on a bag. I don't think my conscious could handle it.
  9. I've not spent more than $950 which I think is scandalous, given all the other things I need to spend money on in my life. I think $1000 at this point would be my limit. Precisely because the LV Mono GM Bosphore is $1000 and will never go on sale...
  10. I don't know anymore. I dropped $2700 on an LV recently, and I have around 4 bags that I paid over $2000 for. I prefer not to, obviously. That's why I think Balenciaga is such a good buy!!! You can get a gorgeous bag for around the $1000 mark.
  11. I definitely think $1000 is my mark. Granted, some of my favorite bags (including my HG) is more than that, I just couldn't. In my little world, $1000 is at least one month's rent, a couple of plane tickets or a down payment on a car. Even though bags are "my thing" I feel like spending more than that on a tangible item is just not for me. Maybe if I hit the lottery =)
  12. Anything over £2000 is too much.
    But if i could afford it, it obvs wouldn't be!
  13. $450.00 was the most I've spent and I felt guilty over that. I try not to go above $300.00. I buy a lot of bags on sale or from eBay sometimes.
  14. Avoiding fakes on eBay is tough.
    But there is alot of great bargains when you find the real ones.

  15. Im with you Violawas!!!! the most i've spent was 425, i think, and it was on a RM Grace in Tomato. i don't think i'll ever spend more than that!!!! I'm soooo jealous of you girls who get to spend $1000 on a bag!