How much is too much signature???

  1. I seem to be on a signature kick lately and I'm wondering where to draw the line? I got the khaki/ebony signature mandy last month. Then I found the style number to the file bag which is also signature - in the brown/khaki combo. Then I am debating between the demi and medium Carly in the signature/cognac combo. Are they all too similar to have? Are they going to serve the same purpose??? :confused1: TIA
  2. If you have a lot of signature but in different colors I don't see it being a problem if that's what you really like. I like having a mix in my wardrobe. As long as you have a couple of leather bags in your collection, you should just buy what grabs your eye (and your :heart: )
  3. As long as you aren't carrying them all together, then any amount of signature stuff is fine. There are people whose whole collection is signature! Duplicating the purpose of a bag with another can be a problem for anyone, whether they buy siggie or leather, and only you can decide if each of the bags will be useful to you. I think if you love everything you have, you are fine!
  4. ITA:smile:
  5. d'oh :push:

    I am so guilty of this.

    currently I'm carrying my signature strip tote in gold, along with the matching signature strip wristlet in gold, and a medium signature beauty case TRIMMED in gold (don't have the gold stripe one...uh...yet), and a gold lurex multifunction wallet.

    I look inside it and think "damn...too much"...but, hey, it's what I like.

    I do have other non-signature pieces...but I generally enjoy the Coach logo. Alot of women don't like to feel like "free advertising"...I obviously don't feel that way! lol
  6. I'm scared of the signature! haha. My Carly is the first signature piece I have, and probably will be the only. I really want a slim wallet, but am hesitant to get it in signature. Unlike some ladies on here, I can't bring myself to have wallets and accessories for each bag I own (not knocking anyone who does :smile: ). I will only use one wallet but am scared to get it in signature (which is my preference) and be overwhelmed when using it with my Carly.
  7. i say, if you like it, get it. too much is never enough!
  8. All but one of my bags are signature. It all depends on the preference I love signature, so that's what I buy.
  9. Never enough...I'm a leather girl by nature, but I am totally obsessed with sig right now...there are SO many pieces I want. They all look great and it's not like you carry them all at once :p
  10. I agree! Signature, like any other printed material, could be tricky. But if you are loving it, there is nothing wrong with that. Besides, keep in mind that you make the item, the item does not make you.
  11. As long as you carry them it is never to much! I love sig too!
  12. I like matching accessories. I like signature. If you like it, rock it! I think going forward though, I am going to concentrate on the leather options though. I do have quite a few signature bags.
  13. you know i was thinking the same thing today as i went through my collection. but they are all in different colors so i say its ok to have alot of signature as long as they are in different colors and styles.
  14. There's no such thing as too much signature (in bags anyway)!! All of my bags are signature except for one, but lately I've been falling in love with leather bags so I should have a good balance soon. I agree with those that said so long as they're different colors/styles it's okay to have a lot of signature bags.
  15. DeweyDrop, you're my hero! I love gold and signature. And gold. :drool: