How much is to much for original coco cabas?

  1. Ladies I need your help I lOOOOOve the black original coco cabas with the big CC's on the front, but it is only on eBay the Sa at Saks said Chanel is not making them anymore, the ones on eBay are all over $2k do think that is too much to spend for a bag that retailed for only $1650.00. I feel like an idiot if I spend that much but I realllllllllly love it. Would any of you spend that much??? Maybe if I wait a little bit I can find one under $2k.:confused1:
  2. I guess it all depends how much you love it... I probably would not pay more than $250 over retail but thats just me
  3. well, do the math. how much is tax in your state? in nyc, if i didn't score my bag on a friends employee discount, I would have paid 1787. Thats roughly 213 dollars more if you pay 2k. I think its worth it.
  4. I paid well over 2k and I love mine.

    Shoot, the baby cabas are going to retail at $1995. when they hit the stores again.

    So... get it if you love it! Look for a brand new one if you can that still has plastic on the Chanel emblem. That way you know for sure it hasn't been used. I notice sellers like to describe bags as new when sometimes they are not.
  5. I would really like one of these bags too and I didint know they went for only $1650 retail:shrugs:
  6. it is well worth it. I absolutely love my original cabas*
  7. i think they went for 1795 without tax. so it could be nearly 2 K with tax, adn i think my going to far for this baby is above 2.5k
  8. No, they were $1650 (the original). The baby was $1795 before the price increase.