How much is this worth?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I brought this ring off ebay a few days ago, I won it for £250, The seller said it is a 18ct white gold ring with a single 1.00ct princess cut diamond.
    I took it to the jeweler who confirmed it is everything she said, but said the diamond needs a good clean as the dirt under the stone is making it look dull.

    He said if you sell it on in the future, sell it for more then you paid its worth a hell of a lot more.
    But its got me thinking, if its worth a lot more, how much is a lot? Should i need to get it insured ect id want to know if it was worth it....

    What do you all think? Thank you xx

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  2. You should take this to a reputable appraiser in your area. You should find one that is certified by AGS or GIA and that doesn't also sell jewelry.
  3. Good advice.
  4. Nice ring!

    Do you have a home insurance company? If so call them and ask them to recommend an appraiser. If it is worth a lot you should probably have it insured.
  5. Thank you everyone,

    Im going to take it to an appraiser soon, do you know if it costs money to do it?
    Thanks x6+
  6. Appraisals do cost money.
  7. Appraisals can be from $25 to over $200 depending on what they're appraising. The last ring I had appraised for 8K ran me $40 to appraise. Just make sure the person isn't a jewelry vendor themselves and preferably an established appraisal firm.
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