How much is this worth, please?

  1. Hello all,

    New to posting, but lurked on and off for a while! :smile:

    Wonder if I can ask you guys your advice, please? It was my 40th on Sunday and hubby+family clubbed together and bought me a mini zipped bayswater in oak - I LOVE it! :biggrin:

    The reason I'm posting is that I have a heritage bayswater, which I've hardly ever used, due to the weight. It's in fab condition and I'd like to sell it so that I can put the money towards another bag of my choice (thinking a Lily!). Should I advertise it on eBay? And what do you think I can get for it? I should mention that I've lost the original dustbag but it's been stored in another dustbag in my wardrobe.

    Thanks for any advice! IMG_0155.JPG
    IMG_5812.JPG IMG_6054.JPG IMG_4320.JPG IMG_2843.JPG
  2. The best advice would be took look on eBay, see what Bayswaters are selling for and remember eBay/PayPal take their cut. Be prepared to not get what you think it’s worth.....
  3. I’m thinking no more than £395.
  4. Excellent. Thank you so much! Have listed it on eBay this morning.