How much is this Diesel Bag worth?

  1. I think I'd ask my local leather/shoe repair place if they can replace the studs. If so, then I think it's a good price. But it's only worth what you're willing to pay for it!
  2. Thats alot for a Diesel bag! They have them in TKMAXX in the uk for £34.99
  3. so her claim that the bag is $750 US is false then i gather???
  4. I agree that it's a ton for any Diesel bag as they are very easy to find in TJ Maxx, Loehmann's, etc, for CHEAP. I have never seen one retail for anything even close to $750 at full price in retail outlets although admittedly it's not a brand I spend a great deal of time looking at. Where are all these sellers getting these retail prices of $550, $750, $1100 for this brand??!

    Also, those studs are kind of unique, and I think a shoe repair place would have a hard time matching them. I'd totally pass on this.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I guess I am kind of ignorant in this area as they do not sell alot of diesel in the country I live in! You are right in saying that the studs would be kind of hard to replace so if I did buy the bag, I would have to live with the fact the studs are not there for half the bag (or get the other half removed).
  6. Hi I have seen this bag in Harvey Nichols here in the UK (its a high end department store like Saks) the bag was expensive, I think $400 US dollars here.

    But I do agree with the other members this is ALOT of money for a Diesel bag, I thought that when I saw it in Harvey Nichols and the structure and craftmanship of the bag is not worth this type of money. The handles are very very thin.

    There are ALOT of leather Diesel bags in TKMAXX (TJMAXX in the US) so I would look for one there or somewhere else. This style is limited by Diesel but they make other bags VERY VERY similar to this one in the same design -/+ some different fearures. :flowers:
  7. I just wanted to say aswell that the price on the bag is probably not the original one, usually the price will be much lower in SOME stores and this other higher tag price is left on (the buyer thinks they are getting a bargain when they are actually getting it at normal price) but some eBay sellers know this and will take the original price tag off and sell for higher what they got the bag for but still under the Estimated retail (False) price tag, so therefore the eBay buyer thinks they are getting a bargain but the seller is still making a profit.

    Ive just looked on and there are no more of this bag on (as I can see), I would go on other ebay sites like and and see if an international seller will ship to you, you may find the bag at a much lower price. :smile:

  8. The seller has reposted the bag I showed you at he price of $129, but I still think its quite a bit for a bag with a defect.