how much is this chanel bag?

  1. It's from 2002 - I can only guess the original retail.

    The e/w retailed for around $1,250 in 2006. So work backwards from there. My best estimate is around $1,000.
  2. The seller has the price tag. Won't they reveal the original retail?

  3. I'm sorry, what is e/w?

    Don't they sell this design anymore? tia!
  4. No, not this 'chocolate bar' style. This was a 2002 Cruise collection piece.

    But the East/West flap is similar to this. It has the diamond quilting design and is part of the classic collection. You will find pictures of the East/West flap in the reference library under flaps.
  5. Sorry "e/w" stands for east/west which describes the orientation of this bag being more long than tall.