How much is this bag worth?? Pic

  1. Hello. I have a chance to purchase this Hamptons Gold/Khaki Demi. I need help, much is this bag worth? Does anyone OWN this bag or have you seen it IRL? Just wondering if it's as "pretty" as they say it is? The drilldown pic makes it look REALLY pretty!!!
    Opinions & Info, PLEASE!!:yes:
    The first pic listed is the ACTUAL bag. The second is the pic from the drilldown.
    coach gold.jpg GoldHamptons.jpg
  2. The links are just saying
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  3. Hmmmm...sorry about that! Do you know how to post a picture directly into a post? If so, I can try that. Not sure why the pics are not showing up?!!? here's the drilldown picture of this bag:

    I also tried to post another picture of the ACTUAL bag here...
  4. get the location of the pic http://www. blah blah blah.

    intsert [​IMG] into the message box

    and thats its
  5. I've seen it at macys.. the whole line.. they have a hobo and a small tote and a medium tote and a large tote
  6. REALLY!?!? Is it available NOW - in different colors? So, IYHO...what do you think of the bag? Have you seen this Demi? Is it a good size - bigger than the regular Demi style?
  7. you know what i dont know if i saw the demi.. i remember the color and the name... but basically all the hamptons weekend bags they had at macys was this line, but in white, green, black and gold/khaki

    Coach - HAMPTONS WEEKEND DEMI SATCHELis this the demi u speak of?
  8. nice bag,how much are they asking for?
  9. YES!!! That looks exactly like the style! Thank you :yes:
    The only possible drawback is that she says it has velvet detail (on the strap and zipper pull)...that would be WAY Fall/Winter, right?!?! I want it for NOW. The price is $75. Not bad, huh?
  10. ^^ I think the velvet detail in a light color is OK for spring/summer too. Maybe as an evening bag or a dressier bag. If you like it then $75 is a good price. That's if you really like it though, don't buy it just because it's a good deal. (preaching at myself here too!) LOL!
  11. if you like it, i'd say get it at that price. but don't buy it FOR the price! :yes:

    and if you love it, but still decide it's a "fall winter" bag with the velvet detail, it won't go bad ;) just save it for the next season? hehe.
  12. I'm thinking last fall I seen them at the outlets for about 60 or less?
  13. the velvet is not that noticable trust me... if you didnt tell me that i never would have noticed... i inspected the bag too! i think the detail is small like the trim or something or the little coach tag
  14. Thank you so much for your help! I really think I like this bag. I think it is really pretty...and a bit larger than the regular Demi styles. But I kinda wish I could see it IRL. So...should I NOT get it or should I go for it?? Just can't decide! I don't want to get it and then be disappointed...although it does look like a really pretty, neutral but slightly dressy bag!!!! HELP!:nuts:
  15. It is pretty good! Can be both dressy or casual!