How much is the Vegas Bracelet

  1. Can anybody tell? Thanks:confused1:

  2. $300.?:shrugs: sheessh... I was looking the precious metal jewelry... Sorry if I gave any ppl a :heart: papitation.:shame:
  3. It's not that's about $300-ish. I bought mine from a friend but I don't remember the retail.
  4. 330$
  5. I saw at Louisvuitton website, but not from Has it already been for sale? or will later on?
  6. After 13% tax will be around CAD $380 something!
    should be less than $CAD 400;)
  7. It was on sale for couple of month already, i guess follow the chain series handbag:confused1: I saw it at vuitton today! Tried it on and give it a try:p
  8. Here's mine:
  9. ^Very pretty, Rebecca.
  10. Thanks LVbabydoll, the bracelet looks gorgeous on you :drool:
  11. since the last increase, i'm 95% certain that it is 400$CAD now, 456$CAD with tax in Quebec
  12. Thanks, pinki and Lisa! :smile:
  13. i just check that price today, less than 2 1/2 hours ago:confused1:
    And one of my s.a. told me that they won't be any price increase on feb:confused1:
    Or may be it's just because she doesnt know about it:sad: '
  14. Agreeee:yes: Hahaha gorgeous!:love:
  15. Lol thanks :smile: