How much is the total value of your Coach babies as of this moment?

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  1. I have 8 bags, plus other goodies of course.

    TOTAL NOW IS: 458+8= 466
  2. 12 Purses:heart:

  3. I have 5 bags (Scribble Tote, Chelsea Braided Flap in black, Soho Flap in Cardinal, Signature Stripe Tote in brown/bronze, and Hamptons Carryall in khaki/lilac).

    478 + 5 = 483!
  4. I have 4, all purchased within the last three months! Eek! This forum is dangerous!

  5. I have 17 coach handbags. Some are from years ago but they still look beautiful. I'm always looking to get more.

  6. I currently own 9 Coach bags.

    504 + 9 = 513
  7. I currently have 8 Coach Bags.

    513 + 8 = 521
  8. I have 5 bags and other accessories

  9. I currently have 7 bags so
  10. I have 6 bags...8 accs and 1 prada..
  11. 4 Coach bags here so....

    537 total
  12. 22 here.

    559 total.
  13. 4 coaches for me...

    so that brings the total to =
  14. oh goodness I have 17 eeeek thats 16 tooo many!!

    total: 620
  15. I used to have much more but then I sold them to make room for new bags. Reouped money from about 15 coach bags!
    I currently have left a card holder, a wristlet, and a zippy wallet.

    620+3 = 623
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