How much is the total value of your Coach babies as of this moment?

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  1. I stole this idea from the chanel forum. I was wondering how many coach bags we all coachies have altogether?? More than 1000 coach bags in tPF :sweatdrop:

    I only have 3 but very loved Coach bags, now your turn.

    You guys need to ADD the number above your post to the number of coach you own, bags only :yahoo: !!
  2. I only have 4 COACH bags and some accessories... still trying to build... only buying what I know I'll use!
  3. Ooh this is going to be an interesting thread!

    I have 7 Coach bags and a lot of accessories! But that doesn't stop me from always wanting more! :roflmfao:
  4. Only 6 Coach bags over here. :smile:
  5. Haha! I saw this in the Chanel thread yesterday! I think it will be fun to see how many Coach bags we all have!

    I currently have 3!
  6. I have 3, and lots of accessories!
  7. Oh boy....time for the truth to come out....I have 18 bags along with very few accessories....but I am selling about 8 of them so it will bring me down to 10....I think I need to sell even more huh? Yikes! :wtf:
  8. I have 2 :tup:
  9. I have a small collection because I tend to trade and sell when I move on.

    2 bags (Sig Soho Hobo Khaki/Mahogany, Mini sig large hobo slvr/mist)
    3 wallets (one mini wallet, one card holder and one slim envelope wallet)

    In the past I've had

    Khaki/black Bleecker small flap hobo
    Black pebble leather demi
    Raspberry pink mini sig flap hobo
    Legacy leather camel hobo with matching wallet and checkbook holder
    Legacy tiny duffle
  10. I have 20 bags, and way too many accessories!
  11. I have 4 with number 5 (hopefully) on it's way from eBay. Plus a handful of accessories.
  12. Way too many. Around 35 plus tons of accessories. (and shoes)
  13. I have 9 and a pile of accessories :smile:
  14. I have 12 Coaches..hope this helps.:smile:
  15. Interesting thread. At the moment (counting what I ordered for PCE today), I have:

    9 handbags -
    classic ramblers legacy/large camel suede soho flap/laced suede patchwork hobo/chelsea mineral hobo/tobacco chelsea abbey/black legacy ali/pond legacy shoulder bag/turquoise and khaki Carly/small tattersall tote

    2 totes -
    clay Gigi/black studded gallery tote

    2 mini skinnies -
    mahogany patent/red stitched signature leather

    4 pair of shoes -
    black patent Ireland wedges
    white sig barrett sneakers
    black sig barrett sneakers
    red leather loafers

    Accessories -
    Apple keyfob/question mark charm/about 6 scarves/pink and white sig agenda/bottle mimi sunnies/white ipod case/camel suede wristlet/red headband

    Egad! I need to sell or give away some for sure! :wtf: