how much is the retail for vegas bracelet?!

  1. hi can somebody let me know how much does it retail?!
    i like it very much!!!:yes:

    and if you have you think thats a good buy?!
    is it easy to maintain?!

  2. Paging Michelle!!!
  3. thank you :yahoo:
  4. don't know exact, but I think around 500, if I remember right
  5. thank you....

    and i couldnt find Michelle now....

    so anyone know how much does it cost exactly?!

    thanks at advance
  6. 325,525,375, or 575? I remeber those numbers while seeing them on Elux. sorry it isnt much help!
  7. LVBabydoll posted about hers last week. send her a message about it.
  8. thanks for the advice...i PM her already..and she said its from Michelle.

    i am consider that listing on ebay...just dont know is it worth that amount?!

    thank you everyone who views this thread....:yes:
  9. 330$
  10. thank you...:P
  11. Yes, thanks!! Even I didn't know the retail lol.
    And as for maintenance, it's really easy to care for, IMO. Nothing special required, really, just don't wear it in water or let perfume, etc. get on it since it's costume jewelry.
  12. wow! really, that's less that I thought...duh...but really that's not bad at all.
  13. yes not bad at all...I think I would rather get the vegas than the pastilles...seems more timeless to me...again, I love your bracelet rebecca!
  14. i want one pastilles few days ago..after see it BF and friend, both think theres too many stuff on it...too much color..eventhough i like it..i still feel i should pass.

    until i saw the pic that babedoll wearing her vegas bracelet...i think this one would be more elegant.

    ladies what do you think? should i grab this?