How much is the retail for J12 watch w & w/o diamonds (MM38) in Germany & Barcelona??

  1. HI, can anyone advise me how much is the retail price for J12 watch with & without diamonds (MM38) in Germany & Barcelona?

    Any idea what is the tax refund for both places?

  2. Anyone can help plsss.....
  3. i would like to help you, but i have no idea :sad:
  4. I don't know the price but tax refund is around 14% for Germany and Spain.
  5. Thanks for the above....appreciate it! Hopefully someone who can help to comment this. Really need to know as my sis will be traveling to both places from Feb 23.:love:
  6. Anyone plssss?
  7. Sorry don't know the price but since both countrys have Euro the price should be the same.
  8. Thanks....wuld love to know the retail price if possible, hopefully someone can help this:love:
  9. I would recommend you to call them if you have the time. They can give you the exact price without VAT.
  10. Really, yes plss....i do have time if it's not too troublesome for you to call them...appreciate it for ur help here! I jus need to know the retail price without VAT, TIA:flowers:
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  12. Thanks cchan83, great to hear dat, how's ur baby? Is it a boy or gal anyway?:love:
  13. Didn't see that u have edited ur post, anyway i wuld hope someone who is there or from there can advise me. If not, i will have to try and see if i can call them due to the time difference.
  14. The J12 w/ Diamond Markers is 3900€ and the on w/o around 1000€ less. We have 19% tax, don't know what you can refund from this amount.
  15. ^^In Germany :smile: