How much is the petit shopping tote?

  1. And what colors are they currently available in?
  2. I saw a black one recently and I *think* a pink one.
    I *think* they're $995{?}
  3. Thanks Swanky!!

    Wow $995?!! That's a GREAT price!
  4. I think that's right! My NM had one this week, it's about 1/2 the size of a Grand Shopper.
  5. Uh oh, I just got quoted $1475 from the BH Chanel.

    I'm going to give your NM a call Swanky ;) I like $995 better, haha
  6. Jen, I could be TOTALLY wrong! I didn't look at the price this week, I did last time I was there. . . I'm probably wrong :sad:
    The Grand is only $1650 for more than twice the bag though.
  7. Don't worry about it Swanky! Thanks soo much for your help =) I couldnt get ahold of anyone in the Chanel dpt. but I'm going to try another store in just a min.

    Yea, I think if the petit is over $1100, I'll go for the grand
  8. Price increased to $1050.

    That sounds about right, missbabydolce got her's for $995.

    Thanks again Swanky!!
  9. I good, I wans't too far off! I'll give you my NM Chanel SA if you need it, she's a doll!
  10. I bought mine for 1895 or somethin cdn plus taxes

    Oh wait well the one i got is i think its a bit different hehe oops. but I think I like the zipped one a lot more :smile:

    I wish it was 995 too lol.

    its the price of a classic double flap caviar
  11. yea 995 was last years price, lol if only they stayed the same price, they are currently coming in pink/silver or gold, white/silver, black/gold(if you can find it) & black/silver(F/W 06) , chocolate/silver, navy/silver, beige/gold, red/gold, i think thats all
  12. I think you're referring to a different bag altogether. . . maybe the Medallion Tote?
  13. I'm thinking about getting it in Red/Gold if I can find it.
  14. ooooh, red would be sweet!
  15. Hi Swanky

    no Im not thats what its called on my box"petit shopper" lol but i know which one you guys are talking about ( I have the grande one also so its that exact verison but in a smaller size) ... I wonder why they got such similar or the same name. Im sorry if I confused anyone.