How much is the perfo cles???

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  1. I'm sure couple of weeks ago when i went on to LV website there were still some perfo cles but now they are all disappeared from the site.

    just wondered how much is the perfo cles, i'm thinking of buying a cles and after reading another forum the perfo is slightly bigger than the mono which is good.

    my sis has the mono already n dun really want the same but i dun wan to go for the damier so perfo would be great.

    i dun want vernis cos some said its hard to get into cos of the way its made and blueberry epi is no longer available :crybaby:
  2. The perfo is $215. I think its still on eLuxury in green and orange.
  3. just went onto LV website and now they have re-listed the perfo wasnt there last nite.

    anyway now i know the price what color????
  4. I love fuchsia!! but I don't think there are any left...

    green looks awesome too...
  5. I have the orange. I would LOVE LOVE LVOE to get my hands on a fushia one but they said there were none left! WAHHH
  6. I have the green. It can fit my phone in it (Motorola Rzr V3i)
  7. i'm debating between pink and green. i'll need to check it out first to see which color looks the best.

    by the way the perfo cles's lining is microfibre and i'm thinkin of using it as a coin purse, those who has it do u think the lining is durable or is it best not to put coins in i just incase the dirt stains the inside?
  8. I love the orange!