How much is the most you would spend on a bag you just had to have ?

  1. The killer question lol, but how much is too much ??. How much is the most you would spend ? :graucho:

    For me its $1000
  2. Hmmm, I really don't know. I guess it would depend on my funds at the time. I don't think I could really go above $1500-$2000 though. But then again I carry around nearly $3k worth of purse and accessories. :angel:
  3. $2,000 would be the top of my price range. Anything more and I would have to live in it.
  4. Honestly, anything over 2K. That would like the highest I would go. :yes:
  5. so far, it's 1400
  6. I used to think it was $800. Then when I was lusting over this bag I REALLY REALLY love, it was $1200. Now I really don't know. :P I guess it really depends on how much I LOVE the bag, how much I really want it.
  7. however much it costs, i guess :s. the most i've spent so far is $2850 on my Suhali L'Epanoui GM :wtf:
  8. I am lusting over the Utah Messenger that's the most expensive item I would buy it is currently £960, but inevitably that will go up, but I'll buy that no matter what the price is eventually.
  9. It would depend on my economic situation right then, but would probably be around 1500 Euros... So far my most expensive bag purchase has been my manhattan GM for € 1230...
  10. Ugh...I hope it never has to go over what I'm paying for the Manhattan $1385....basically $1500 even after NY tax.

    Crimony...that's almost 2 months rent!
  11. I guess If it was my ultimate dream bag, the one I just had to have in my lifetime, I would be willing to save up as much as it cost to buy it.
    Right now my dream bag is the Fendi Rainbow Patchwork Spy Bag. It truly is a work of art.
    I know that when I'm old enough to afford it i'm not going to think twice about buying it!
  12. The most I've ever spent on a bag was $1200 and I felt pretty guilty afterwards so I think I'll probably try to stay under that amount in the future...hopefully. :shame:
  13. Depends on my means at the time, I'm crazy but not crazy enough to bring my family into financial ruin !
  14. My max on an LV bag is probably around $1200 or so though the most I've spent on an LV thus far is less than that (but some of the bags I've purchased in the past are now inching up on that mark)....Anyway, I am willing to go higher but probably on a Chanel Classic Flap (Sorry LV)....
  15. Depends on what it is exactly...