How much is the mono Speedy 35??

  1. They never seem to have it on Elux!
    I was originally going to get the 25 because it was so cute, but decided it was too little, so figured I would get the 30, but seeing the 35 on people I just love it, it is nice and big! :heart: So I might get that!

    So I will probably just go to Sak's LV so I can try them both on and decide
    I am saving up so I just wondered how much it was, is it $25 more like the 30 is from the 25?

    Thank You! :flowers:
  2. I type Speedy35 in for the serach and it pops up sometimes. It works now. It's $645. Try it!
  3. Oh I will go check it out, THANK YOU!!! :flowers:
  4. If u type "Speedy" in the search option, it will come up. Some items are missing from the browsing section, which is why if I'm looking for something specific, I just type it in. For instance, the MC Keepall 45. There's no luggage section for MC, but it's there if you search for it.
  5. I see, thanks I didn't know that! :flowers: Yup I found the 35!!! :drool:
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