how much is the mono speedy 35?

  1. I kinda want one
  2. You have the 25 right? I would probably get the 30 before the 35 but I have seen some pictures of Jessica Simpson with the 35 and it is kind of nice. Not sure how much it is though.
  3. I saw on eBay for a buy it now of $715. now sure the retail though.
  4. yeah i have the 25! i was gonna sell it then buy a bigger one
  5. It should be $645.00 They usually go up by $25.00 for each size.
  6. I like the size of the 35 too - if Damier or Azur made it in that size, I would have totally gone for it. Good luck! I think you can see it on elux.

  7. yup :yes:! that's how much I paid when I got mine last Aug.
  8. thank you! thats not too bad. I think i will sell my speedy 25 then pay the difference and get the 35
  9. It is $645.
  10. thanks guys
  11. Hi there, I bought one for my daughters 18th birthday in March and we both love it! It was $645 from elux hence no tax. I like it so much, I want one for myself.
  12. is it pretty roomy?
  13. does anyone have any modeling pictures of the 35? i did a search earlier but it wouldnt search for it, it said the word was too short. i am thinking of getting one in mono too!
  14. I just got the 35, I thought it was too big at first, but I'm so glad I kept it. I love it!!!!!!!! It seems like it makes a statement!!
  15. isn't it too big for petite women?