how much is the medallion tote since the hike?

  1. How much is the medallion tote now that the price increase has happened? Can I still get it at pre-proce increase through NM today? Thanks.
  2. The Neimans at merrick park, I posted the tel no. on the chanel shopping thread, had a black and a pink one in caviar, and Cindy told me yesterday that the pre-increase price would be available through today and maybe even tomorrow a.m., until the computer in their store kicks in., I posted the name of the salesman she told me would be there today.
  3. 1I'll try calling them now. Maybe they have a white in the back by some miracle.
  4. Its $1650 pre increase and $1750 post increase.
  5. The GST had the same increase - it's now 1750.
  6. I know chanel's price has been increased, so can any one tell me what is the price of medallion tote rite now.
  7. I think it's $1850!
  8. $1750 is what I paid two weeks ago. They were $1650 until the price increase and will probably end up going up again before the end of the year the way it's looking.
  9. thanks
  10. thanks!! I wasnt sure after all the increases:yucky:
  11. i saw it Saks for 1895.
  12. ^ What was it before the increase?
  13. I think either 1650 or 1750. They've had a gazillion increases in a short period of time!
  14. It was $1795 this weekend at NM in Charlotte. There was the wrong tag in it saying $1395 and the SA about s**t when my mom asked. Of course she correted it quickly!
  15. ^Aren't they supposed to sell it to you if it said that price? :graucho: