How much is the LV $increas?

  1. Is it much?:amazed:
  2. I hope not!
  3. I think 5-7 %.
  4. I just asked the SA's today and no one is talking. They all say that they don't know.
  5. thats a lot I would think, right? LV bags are lots of $ as it is.
  6. I just asked the SA and he said they will find out on Monday!
  7. I was just at LV in NM SF and she said 5% for everything! :sad:
  8. epi speedy 25 now is 840, monday will be 885
  9. That's what my SA said today and it affects all items.
  10. I've heard 5% as well.
  11. My SA said today the increase will be in effect from 12 midnight this Sun. The 5% increase will apply to ALL items apparently.
  12. i asked Vuitton (from the site) and had a very rude letter :rant:about how disgraceful these new price increases are after they recently had one!:mad: to my reply was that LV is not planning on having a price increase in the near future! (this was about the paris stores though so im assuming it just goes for the US) the exact words were "Concerning your request, we are currently unaware of any immediate plans for a price increase of Louis Vuitton products." I felt a bit sheepish after i just gave them a piece of my mind!:shame: does anyone else knoe about this
  13. Haha, good on you but I really doubt that they won't be having a price increase in the future. I bet there'll be another increase next year :hrmm: :cry:
  14. I called 866-VUITTON today and the representative I spoke with told me that a price increase is scheduled for next week. :censor:
  15. yeah exactly i just hope tis not within 2 months because im moking my 1s bag purchase then and i dont feel like paying an extra $150+ for nothing