How much is the H belt? and suggestions

  1. Ok i'm a huge fan of hermes, but unfortunately i dont have the $ to support that statement, (must addmit lv is my fav brand), i recently tried to get a double kelly tour bracelet, but scince im a guy it didnt fit my big wrists (i was so depressed as some of you know) well in October the new Hermes store is opening i really want to make a purchase (plus Kirsty invited me to a shopping spree with her when it opens) anyway i want something i LOVE to be my 1st hermes, as that wasnt the case with my LV which i regret so sooo much now. i have recently spent alot of money on lv (probly enough for an hermes wallet lol) so im a bit short on cash, i lov ethe h belt becuase it is so classic but i dont think tis in my buget,how much it is? and can you suggest something form the cheaper end of hermes. p.s. no wallets i have one throw away wallet for everyday, 3 semi designer wallets (oroton like coach equvalent), an lv wallet and lv pouchette cles which i use as a wallet and my freind just bought me a prada wallet form overseas so i have 7 wallets all up that enough for a lifetime lol and no perfume every bday i have i get flooded with perfume i have 21 unopened bottles lol
  2. umm sorry im a little drunk but ithink 500. i have black/orange
  3. they come in two colors?
  4. yes you can turn them around !
  5. oh wow they are reversable, that smart what colors do they come in?