How much is the Dior flower saddle handbag?

  1. How much does this bag retails? I have it in my closet for a while and was about to put it on eBay. But i have no idea how much i paid for it. :blink:
    Please let me know, if anyone has information about the price. :lol:

    Thank you all!! LOVE you guys :love:
  2. PM Noriko! She just ordered this bag from bluefly.
  3. I think it's $580 on Bluefly.
  4. they have other style same print...but i think there sold out of the saddle
  5. Yes :biggrin:

    $632 on bluefly, but if you use the codes etc it'll be a lot cheaper :biggrin: I wonder if its back, its been gone for a couple days. Beautiful bag!
  6. $632? Is it for the same style? I cannot find it in bluefly.

    Thanks guys :biggrin:
  7. Aww.. it's adorable ! It's too bad that you're parting with it. :cry:
  8. i saw it a few days ago for 632. but it's gone now. such a cute bag!!
  9. I got it as a present from hubby about a year ago. Never like it.. so i am putting it on eBay for sale. Hopefully someone will buy it.
  10. wow, how much are you going to sell it? i saw some horrendous fakes on eBay, yours will be the only authentic one!
  11. That's a bag I've been lusting for but I stayed away from eBay. It's one of the bags on my to buy list. LOL.
  12. noriko,

    what do you mean with codes?!

  13. The bluefly discount codes :biggrin: There are a few 10-15% ones floating around:biggrin:
  14. 890.00 retails price at Dior store.

    The reason that the price on bluefly is so low because in the same
    pattern but different shape had went on sale for 40% off around November 2005.

    But this saddle still full price at DIOR....
    I will try to get 600.00 if I were u.
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