how much is the damier speedy 30?

  1. If anyone knows, i'd appreciate it. :smile: Also, I already have 3 speedys: (one mono 25, one mc white 30 and one mc black 30), should i purchase the damier too? I think it's really cute but do I really need it? :huh: HELP!!!
  2. $585 + tax.
  3. Yup, mine cost $585 with tax (same as the mono speedy line)
  4. ^^yep...i paid $620.10 total.
  5. Here it's around 410 EUR which is a little less...
  6. Yes BUY the Speedy!!!
  7. i agree, buy it! it's so cute!
  8. [​IMG]...before the price hike.. I love mine..
  9. got mine in hawaii for 565 and 30 shipping to nyc...its the speedy 30=)
  10. It's AUD875 including tax, and the SA has confirmed with me that it's the same price as the mono as opposed to the other one that told me it was $300 more expensive...*scowl*

    but I have been looking at other's damier speedies and whilst it's gorgeous, it does seem a little more formal than the mono? I would think it's more appropriate to take out in evenings than to wear with casual clothes in the days?

    My two cents...think about whether you'd use it this way before you get it. OTherwise...if you're just a speedy fan, then get it get it get it!!!
  11. I will help you. 1.Yes you need it. 2. its a new item. its going to be a classic. 3 the first ones are made in france..get it before the price goes up... already have can you live without the 4th.???:yes: :yes:
  12. is it 5% off for tourists?