How much is the Clear Inclusion bracelet??

  1. anyone that has purchased one??? and does anyone have any pics?? do you love it...or regret it??

  2. I don't think anyone on the forum has it yet.
  3. really??? someone just bought that framoise (sp) one
  4. i wanna get it but idk if itd be a waste
  5. Framboise has been released - still waiting on LV to release clear in US.
  6. oh really??? i didnt know. lol. well then that would be why i dont know how much it is and i cant find it anywhere. lol. well how much was the framboise one??
  7. the clear hasn't been released to the US yet.
  8. i love inclusion..
  9. the price will be the same as inclusion PM..
  10. [​IMG]here's from old thread:
  11. thnaks bagsnbags

  12. anytime..:yes:
  13. I got my framboise bracelet yesterday for $275cdn

    it's really pretty! looks better IRL than it does in pictures!
    I love it!

    Still waiting for the transparent to come out...
  14. $275 including taxes? or $275 plus taxes?
  15. oh sorry... I didn't phrase it very well... $275cdn plus tax