How much is the classic mini flap?

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  1. Hi ladies, does anyone know the price of the classic mini flap? What colors are available in the US? How much stuffs can it hold? I am thinking of getting one but would like to find out more info about it. Thanks!!!!
  2. I used to really want a mini flap, but realized it was just too tiny i believe 6.5 wide 5 tall and 2 1/2 deep. I know they have black and beige always available, and pink and other colors sometimes go on sale during certain times. I chose to save up for a medium or even a jumbo instead. Last time i checked it was $1350, but im not sure if its increased since then. Hope someone else knows for sure and can help you. G/L!
  3. My Saks has one in beige caviar and it was like $1800 or something! no joke!
  4. ^yep, the last one I saw was about $1750, I believe.
  5. i think Saks had one in silver---it was amazing.
    they are v. small so i would just use it to go out at night. don't remember the price but it was not cheap since it was silver.
  6. I've got two of the mini reissues that are about the same size little bigger. I absolutely love them! I hesitated due to the price for how little they are. But I find myself using them alot! Never usually as a day bag though....
  7. i just got one and i love mine! sorry can't help about the price but the little cutie fits more than expected! and i love how it leaves both my hands free when i wear it messenge! definitely worth investing in my opinion!
  8. Caviar: US$1725/Cdn$1675
    Lamb: US$1895/Cdn$1875
  9. Thanks! How much stuffs can it fit? Do you have any pics that can share? :smile:
  10. Thanks!!! Is this the price after the price increase? Is Cavier easier to take care? What color do they have in Cavier? Sorry for asking so many questions! :p
  11. I have a vintage black lambskin with gold hardware. I don't use it daily, but it's a great evening bag for a night out, because it leaves my hands free when I wear it across my body....It fits my phone (LG EnV) lipgloss, keys, ID and CC)...
  12. can someone post a picture please (:
  13. ^ check out the celeb. with Chanel thread. There're a few.
  14. This is the current price I believe. I'm still deciding if I should get this mini flap. I'm interested getting Caviar, but currently only black & beige are available. Sometimes, there's another seasonal colors, but not this Fall 2008.
  15. Here are a few pics of celebs:

    Kylie.jpg lilochanelminiflapsx7.jpg rachel chanel.jpg rachel chanel 2.jpg 47b7da09b3127cce83d067fd2a4200000035109AZMmjNs1bo.jpg
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