How much is the Cirrus??

  1. Oh my, I've tried searching for the price of the Cirrus. I can't find it anywhere!! Please help me out.
    Out of the Olympe bags, I find the Cirrus most appealing. I'm looking for it bad! Are there 2 types of the Cirrus? What is the retail?

    Are they out in the US yet? I saw a tpfer posting hers but I couldn't tell if she was in the US.

    :smile: Thanks everyone.
  2. Cirrus is $2,700 + tax

    I like the style too...:yes:
    I think it's in in some stores in US aleady.
  3. ^^ Thanks alot Meeju! Is the Cirrus the most expensive in the whole line?
    I've also read somewhere that LV is going to launch the Olympe line in Dark grey? Is this true?
    Thanks! :smile:
  4. Yes it is coming in dark grey and another shade of grey later this year. I think I read about it in the spring/summer update, sorry I cannot remember exactly the second color.
  5. Sorry, I just checked the Spring/Summer update and I was wrong it is actually listed as the Nimbus being made in dark and light grey. Sorry for the error
  6. I spoke with a SA and she told me it was just the Nimbus. I want one so bad. =)
  7. Oh! only the Nimbus...?? :s

    Anyway, according to you question absolutanne, the highest price in the collection is Stratus GM..:smile: