How much is the Chanel GST caviar w/ gold hardware? Is it even available in stores?

  1. Does this bag even exist? Is it hard to find? How much?
  2. I think its $1895 right now?? I'm not sure since the prices keep increasing, and its rumored to be increasing again soon so I'd get it asap! :yes: I don't think it's too hard to find
  3. The bag is everywhere, you'll definately find it and should buy b4 september.
  4. Every place that carries Chanel will have this bag. It's a classic. It's still $1895 but I think at Nordstrom the price already increased. Hurry hurry hurry!
  5. Yup this is a classic timeless Chanel and a stable in their collection, you can find it anywhere that Chanel handbags are sold but hurry and get it before the 1st because the prices are going up!!
  6. Yup they're not hard to find at all! Like said though get it now before the price increases AGAIN.