How much is Sophie in Japanese YEN

  1. ok my cousin's best friend is currently in japan for 3 days and i would like to ask those who bought their sophie from japan how much was it in YEN and after exchange rate how much did u have to pay in your own country's currency???

    the bag is £210 on the LV database, do u think it's worth it to pay around £300 for the sophie from japan????

    i dont know whether UK will get it thats the problem.

    help fast

  2. according to it should be aroun 191,620.98 JPY
  3. I think you typed it into wrong, because you're giving an estimate of about $1900 Canadian!!
  4. oops it's my first time using it:shame:
  5. retail was around 55,000 yen..... i found one of the rakuten shops and it was sold for around 70,000 yen....

    my mom bought and sent it to me, but she told that they are all sold out everywhere at boutique... good luck finding the cute little Sophie!
  6. I LOVE Rakuten...

    They've got quite a few Sophies from different stores.. all very overcharged of course.
  7. Is the Sophie still available in Japan? It's been sold out in Hawaii for weeks now.