How Much is Neo Cabby GM in US?

  1. Anyone know?
  2. NM...I found it! $1720 in case anyone was curious LOL
  3. Your so cute Twiggs! LOL!
  4. LOL....I try HEEHEE
  5. cute and crazy! hmmmm- do u want one of these?...................
  6. Both colors and sizes are available online...
  7. I saw the GM at the LV store in K of P SATurday.My MM was loaded and with me..I didnt find the GM all that much bigger IRL to be honest with ya.I could barely see the difference in sizes
  8. $1500 for the smaller and $1750 for the bigger. Can I borrow some money???
  9. ^^^ My pockets are empty! (spent them on black neo cabby GM).
  10. *ahem* Twiggers, didn't I see you saying something somewhere about a bag ban, or about having too many bags already but not feeling the love? Perhaps a period of retail abstinence might be in order..... :yes: :winkiss:
  11. heehee...nah I've got the MM on my list...but I needed the price for my Tuesdays with Twiggers guest blog!
  12. i want this bag so bad. I have dropped a million hints to my BF. I hope I get it as b-day gift.
  13. awww...I hope you get it!!!
  14. It is one for my Favorite LV bags.