how much is my coach worth

  1. I have had my coach purse for maybe about 3 yrs now and have never worn it is the legacy shoulder hand bag with the cream bottom and cream outline going aroun the thwo pockest in the front it is purse 955 of of 1000.
  2. Might help if you posted some pictures... and keep in mind... no one here can tell you the determined "value" of a bag, you are best looking at trends on an auction site to gather that... we don't allow selling/buying/trading so we can only point you in directions of places to go to gather your best idea on where to price your bag.
    ^Granted the above link is for Authentication, I'd suggest posting your pictures there to know more about your bag before you consider doing anything more with it.
  3. with such a vague description, pictures are deff. needed.