How much is my bag worth?


Aug 9, 2006
310 not sure if I am allowed to ask but here it is anyway. I've been putting my bag on craigslist and well no one wants my bag! Is my price too high? One girl emailed me and asked if im willing to sell it to her for $225! Is that unreasonable to you? The bag has been used 3 times and well..I dont know what to think. I can use the money but $ seems a bit low because I see people selling their Coach bags for that price. What do you think?? Should I set a lower price? I started from $350 to i need to go any lower?


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300 is low. If you still have your receipt show it. Maybe more people will feel more comfortable spending that amount of money. Also, try showing more pictures. Good luck selling!
I'm not familiar with this style. What does a new one retail for?

My rule of thumb for things I sell on eBay that maybe have been used a few times is to start at around 60% of what I paid for it. If I don't sell or get any real interest, then I'll start dropping the price. I've got my limits though. If it gets much lower than 50% of retail, then I may decide I'd rather have the item than give it away. If it's something I just plain can't use or just want to get rid of, then I definitely will go lower on my price.

I guess it mostly depends on what value you place on the item.
it retails for $595 or 630. I never had the receipt because it was bought in the Duty Free Gucci Boutique friend was flying out and I told her to get it for me..Ive put many pics showing every detail of it and the post stated that I am willing to prove its authenticity..i was hoping the bag money can go towards my books for school as books can be quite expensive for college =( but yeah.. maybe i should get a ebay account =\
What do you think about consignment shops/site OR one of those um..Crossroads store? Would it be better to give my bag to them and have them sell it for me?
$225 is waaaaaaaaaaay too low for that bag if it's only been used a few times...

It's a really cute bag! Hopefully a reasonable offer will come along soon! Good luck!!!!!!
AH! there is a guy that wants my bag but ..he sounds a bit suspicious..ive never sold anything online before..what do you think?

'Hello manager or owner
i saw your advert while surfing via the internet
and am willing and interested to buy it.get back
to me via my email if it is still available'

and then later on I told him my bag is still avaliable and he goes:

[FONT=arial,geneva]"Thanks for your reply,I will be making payment through (U.S) Money Order cheque,so i will like you to send me you full name address and phone number,because this will be written on the money order that will be sent to you.
So get back to me if you accept my
Thanks for your anticipation
Regards. "

...are US money order cheques safe? I was hoping people would meet me up because i figured they like to see the bag for themself there a chance of me depositing the cheque and it might bounce?
Money orders can't bounce, unless they are fake that is. I'm on the fence about this. It sounds legit as they do need that info to process a MO, but if you do it, DO NOT SEND THE BAG UNTIL YOU CASH THE MO!! Don't even deposit it into your bank account. Cash it and deposit the cash the next day if you have to.
i asked him where he was from and this is what he said:

Thanks for the reply, I' m Richard from the state of CA, Los angeles, am out of the state to another country to clear the goods of mine with my claint. please i have much interest in the items which i will like you to sell it for me, and once my offer is granted from you i can able to send it out to you immediately, let me know if am still making a sense to you by email me back.

something sounds fishy to me..throughout the emails, not once had he talked about the price or the gucci bag or anything about wanting more info. what do you think i should? i know it wouldnt hurt to have him do a money order first, make sure its okay, cash it den mail the bag..but i have to give him my address and number =\ HELP!

p.s. note that his words aren't fluent..could it be that he is from another country and trying to scam me or am i just overly suspicious?
Still on the fence here. It reads like his English just isn't that good. On the other hand, he mentions "my claint". Now I'm assuming he meant to spell client, but is he someone that comes over from [wherever] to score deals for friends/paying clients or is he trying to say that he's getting it for a friend and doesn't know the right word in English.

Perhaps you could ask him if it worries you. Again, a bank money order is like cash. You face no risk at all as long as you cash it before you send the bag. I'm assuming you have NO RETURNS in big bold print in your information? If you DON'T then you do need to be concerned. You know the "bait & switch" technique where buyers get real designer goods, complain they are fake and RETURN a fake.

Clear these things up and you might feel better. I'm facing a similar concern on a bag I've got for sale on eBay. It's set up to accept Best Offers. I got a half decent one last night, but it's from a person with ONE feedback dating back THREE YEARS. That makes ME nervous what with so many older screen names being grabbed by scammers. Obviously, I've not committed to their offer yet either.....