How much is my 1 year old bag worth?

  1. Hello Coach TPFers! I wanted to seek your professional advice....

    I'm thinking about selling one of my coach bags (Signature Hamptons Caryall Tote - large Khaki). I've had it for over a year (bought it in spring 2006). I've never sold anything on eBay before so I don't really know how much to sell the bag for.

    The bag doesn't have any rips or anything but the leather part is started to age a little.

    How much would you all pay for this bag?
  2. The best way to find out is to search eBay for the identical bag. Look at completed listings and see what it has sold for. It would help if you know the exact name and model # of the bag and if you have any original paperwork you can show in the pics to show authenticity. I always keep the original pricetag and the care card and even the receipt. It just helps buyers know they are getting an authentic Coach product. Good luck! I love being able to sell my bags after a little while and having money to buy new ones!
  3. Just put in on eBay as an open auction. Describe it exactly as you have here. You will get the highest amount a person would pay at the auctions end. If you have a set price in mind use a reserve. If the auction dosent meet your price you dont have to sell it.
  4. Thanks for the advice! now the only problem is...from reading the ebay forum, I need a lot of feedback to get anything sold! Darn...ok, maybe I should just cave in and give it to my sister who's been asking for it. =)
  5. I don't think you need a LOT of feedback, just good feedback. Are you starting with zero? If so, I'd buy some small items to build up your reputation first.

    Or, if you want to sell it and you don't want to go the eBay route, you can take it to a consignment store in your area and they'll sell it for you. Of course, they'll take a bigger cut than eBay would.