How much is LV in paris?

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  1. hi everyone! are the prices in their france louis vuitton site the price you pay at the boutique itself? or do you still add tax like in the US?

    For example... I was looking at the monogram groom pochette clefs and its 135 euros, equivalent to 180 usd (this is only $20 cheaper than US price), but do i still add france tax to that?
  2. Its $200 here in the US and 135 euros in Europe about $20 difference. :flowers:
  3. You do not have to pay any more than is stated. In the EU, VAT is included in the price.
  4. you dont add any amount to the price because the price you see already includes the tax. you can even get you tax refunded (12%)
  5. yup , vat inclusive... but you can get a refund when you leave EU countries, so that's additional discount.
  6. ooh! thanks everyone for the replies!!! ;)
  7. exzactly as everyone mentioned... so its chepaer if you get tax back on top of the already cheaper 20$ the more expensive the price the more of a discount you get