How much is Leonor?

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  1. Hi. Does anybody know how much a Leonor Multicolore costs? They don't have it in eLuxury and LV website doesn't have a price...
  2. That's discontinued.
    If you can find a real one on consignment or ebay they usually run around $1500+
  3. Oh wow! Thanks sratsey. I wonder why they discontinued such a pretty bag :sad:
  4. It's in MC on the french version of the site. It was $2,620.00 the last time I saw it on elux and then the increase so your getting clse to $3k and they are both in the new catalog.
  5. Oops!
    Sorry-that's a mono canvas.

    I didn't even know you could still get the MC version.
  6. I ADORE this bag and would love to have it myself.
  7. The Mono Leonor would have to be one of my fav LVs and I am so sad they discontinued it :cry: .
  8. OMG! I loved the Leonor when it first came out, but I never bought one. Now I am kicking myself because I wish I had. It's so beautiful!