how much is it to replace an auth card?

  1. hi does anyone know?
  2. you cant replace the authenticity card. it's one card per bag, if you lose it, you're out of luck.
  3. Wow! Now I know! Thanks for the info Jen!
  4. Thanks for the reply, but looks like I am getting the auth card after all ;)
  5. So how much is it going to cost you?
  6. The problem is unique in that the bag never came with an authenticity card although it was purchased from the boutique. Have receipt and everything. Will post again when I get it sorted. :smile:

  7. ^that's really interesting. Everytime someone here has asked their SA, store or called the 1-800 Chanel # they've been told you cannot ever get an authenticity card reissued. . . please update us.
  8. I will be VERY surprised if you are able to get an authenticity card to match the hologram.
  9. just my thoughts....interesting indeed!

    good for you!
  10. i posted this up on the "authenticate this" thread also:

    hi. i'm just following up on the authenticity card issue. i just got off the phone with sloane street boutique in london and was told that

    (1) they confirmed that the seller had contacted the boutique last friday and told them about this situation - she bought the bag late april and didn't receive the authenticity card

    (2) sloane street boutique called the chanel headquarters in paris who will be issuing an authenticity card to me. they took down my phone number and said the card should be ready in 1 or 2 months, and they will be sending a care booklet along with that also. they will also notify the seller when the authenticity card is ready.

    (3) they said authenticity cards are irreplaceable, once it is lost, it cannot be replaced. but in this situation - before this bag was bought, the boutique noted that one of the black caviar's auth card and booklet was misplaced, so they do recall such a situation as a fault on their part & therefore they will see what they can do to replace it.

    (4) they have it on their system of this specific bag being bought a month or so ago
  11. Wow! That's very lucky of you jen! I didn't know that Chanel sells handbags without the auth card after all.. If you didn't ask, then you're not going to get one, eh?
  12. hey there! yeah as it stands right now - seems quite lucky! but whether it pulls through - i'll update on that *fingers crossed*
    the bag should all come with auth card - i guess that one was an exception cos somehow the card was misplaced by chanel. even if you return the bag - apparently the boutique will only accept it back if you return it with everything that you received upon purchase - incl. auth card etc so they said in this case it's unlikely that someone returned it without its auth card.
    i'm not too sure about these things, but that was just what i was told. :smile:

  13. Very interesting. Thanks for the update.
  14. Very Interesting thank you for the update.
  15. Interesting indeed. Glad to know you got it all sorted out!!